3 years ago, Active was giving its first steps into the Fashion Industry. And surely a lot has happened since then.

We are proud of our learning, which made us grow stronger and establish the name our Brand amongst most exciting and respected new Model Management companies around the world. All this has only been possible due to long days and nights of hard work from our team and, especially, due to our models – in the first place – who trust us with their lives, careers, dreams, goals and so on. We are certainly grateful for each and every face that joins our Board. So… thank you, Active models! ūüėČ

Another special shout out to our partner agencies and clients around the world, who have been incredibly supportive and believing in our potential from the very beginning of our journey.

And to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary, it’s with great pleasure that we, at Active Model Management, introduce our new website!


Here’s a sum up of our new Home.

  • Find out more about us on our¬†ABOUT¬†page;
  • The models represented EXCLUSIVELY by Active Worldwide, you’ll find on our ACTIVE MGMT¬†page;
  • The models currently ON STAY in Guangzhou with Active, as well as the ones we represent for Direct Bookings in China, can be seen on¬†ACTIVE CHINA;
  • Want to join our Board and have a chance to work as an International Model with us? Don’t hesitate. BECOME¬†Active ;
  • Stay up to date with our most recent works and news about the Active models on our blog, the NEWS section.
  • Have anything to say and want to get in touch with us directly? We’d love to hear from you! CONTACT¬†us.


We are not only thrilled with the opportunity to develop the work we’ve been doing so far, but also happy with the new phase of our agency. We have been able to reinvent ourselves many times in the past 3 years, in order to adapt into new realities and situations, and we’ll definitely keep that way. The world changes, so does our Industry, so do the people in it, and so do we.

A new time has begun. Another chance to be active. So be it.


Lots of love.

Gui Costa – Co-Founder / Director at Active Model Management


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