If you are a…

GIRL, between 17-23 years old, with a minimum height of 174cm,

or a

GUY, between 17-23 years old, with a minimum height of 186cm

… you’re one step closer to catch our attention!

If you think you got what it takes to become an international model and the next face of Active,

we want to hear from you!



First, send us a full set of natural close up/portrait/full length digitals,

in medium res, showing your best angles, frontal and both profiles, to our General email:

[email protected] .

When taking your pictures:

DON’T over do it. Keep your poses simple and straight forward.

Less is more for those. We want to see how you look as clean and natural as you can.

You should wear no (or very little/corrective) make up,

making sure your skin looks healthy and hair is away from your face.

DO take them against a plain background,

preferably outdoors or near a big window.

DO wait for a bright natural daylight,

but never take the pictures facing direct sunlight,

so we see your eyes, comfortably open, and their clear natural colour.

GIRLS should wear a basic body-fit white or black top, skinny jeans and high heels.

*We want to have a glimpse of your bone structure and current body shape through those.

GUYS should wear a basic white or black t-shirt, slim fit jeans and sneakers.

 *Guys should also include a set of shirtless polaroids.

If we’re interested in your profile,

someone from our team will be in touch and start your application.

Then, we take it from there.

We look forward to seeing your beautiful faces.


– The Active Team

ps.: We are always watching out for new faces on social media, as well!

Do you fit the criteria mentioned above and would like to get noticed by Active?

Simply follow us on Instagram – @activemgmt,

use our hashtag #SCOUTMEACTIVE on your best selfies and good luck!

If we spot your picture and get interested to know more about you,

an agent will be in touch through our official accounts,

and follow the enquiry through one of the emails listed in our CONTACT page.

*DO NOT trust any other individuals, claiming to work for Active Model Management, that are not listed as Agents in our page.